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Thanks to Silvano Candeo, Monica, Bianca, Marina, Alessia, John and Christian for teaching me the art of Carnival Photography. These images can be purchased on a beautiful canvas gallery wrap in sizes varying from 11x14 to 24x36. Please email or call if you have any questions. Joe

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Guestbook for Venice Carnival Masks 2009
So Rich in Color.
For some reason I miss my 6x7.
Did you use the D700 on this shoot / job?

yo, nice blog too!
Steve Bennett Photography
This is outstanding....How did you create those vibrant colors.......thanks

Steve Bennett
simply superb
If you can e mail me the way you bring out the fab colours and clarity.. photoshop ?
best regards keith
Wow, that is the most inspirational collection of photographs, such quality and magnificent costume... what a treasure! thank you
Andrew Gould(non-registered)
Superb gallery of stunning images. A must see!
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