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Surfing at Pipeline on September 25, 2009. First big swell of the season.

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Pipeline Surfing, Northshore Hawaii _09D2364.jpg_09D2365.jpg_09D2366.jpg_09D2371.jpg_09D2372.jpg_09D2373.jpg_09D2374.jpg_09D2375.jpg_09D2376.jpg_09D2377.jpg_09D2378.jpg_09D2379.jpg_09D2380.jpg_09D2381.jpg_09D2382.jpg_09D2383.jpg_09D2384.jpg_09D2385.jpg_09D2386.jpg_09D2387.jpg

Guestbook for Surfing at Pipeline Northshore 9/25/09
Ray Blas(non-registered)
very Cool set you have here.....Cant wait to be there in December for the winter swell. should make for some killer captures.
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