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Created 27-Jun-13
Modified 4-Jan-14
240 photos
Testing the Nikon V1 camera and 32/1.2, 18.5/1.8 and 10/2.8 primes lenses. A little street photography, event photography and a few images in black and white.

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Category:Travel and Places
Subcategory:North America
Subcategory Detail:United States of America
Keywords:1, 10mm, 18.5mm, 32/1.2, 32mm, and, b&w, black, f/1.2, f/1.2, hawaii, honolulu, nikon, system, v1, white

_DSC5520 nikon v1 street photography_DSC6726_joe_marquez_v1_street_DSC6684_joe_marquez_v1_street_DSC6516_new_york_street_photography_DSC6494_new_york_street_photography_DSC6356_new_york_street_photography_DSC6327_new_york_street_photography_DSC6300_new_york_street_photography_DSC6244_joe_marquez_v1_street_DSC6175_new_york_street_photography_DSC6168_new_york_street_photography_DSC6103_new_york_street_photography_DSC5972_DSC5958_DSC5945_DSC5881_joe_marquez_v1_street_DSC5875_DSC5792_DSC5684_DSC5607

Guestbook for Nikon V1 Photographs
norman shearer(non-registered)
Great work. I have the J1 and V1. I was considering selling my V1 and 2 zooms because I only really use it for sporting events and so it's hardly being used. After seeing your pics and especially admiring the shallow dof work I now am having second thoughts! Thanks for sharing..
Joseph Forsyth(non-registered)
These are fantastic shots. Just bought the adaptor for the v1, could you suggest an excellent walk around lens other than the kit lenses? Thanks very much
The guestbook is empty.