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Shooting Humpback Whales in Maui can become a photographic addiction. Breaching, spyhopping, head slapping, head lunging, pectoral fin displays, flute displays are simply mesmerizing to watch and a joy to photograph. Finding the right boat to view Humpbacks is also important. I am fortunate to know a captain who thinks like a photographer and provides a great whale watching and photographic experience. His name is Captain David Larsen of Safari Boat Excursions in Lahaina. Give him a call at 808.661.7670 for a great whale watching trip.

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Zain Abdullah Photography
An awesome gallery of a great humpback whales.
Naomi Hayes(non-registered)
Hi again!
I just wanted to let you know...I love this whole album. I would love to see this in person but until then I'll look at your pictures:)
Very nice capture
Naomi Hayes
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