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Been shooting with a Fuji x100 for almost a year. Here are photos from Cambodia, Vietnam, New York and Hawaii.

An amazing camera - small, discrete, great images, superb low light ability and high sync speed. These features set it apart from most cameras.

Enjoy a few pictures from this little camera.

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Guestbook for Fuji x100 Photographs
Wonderful photos, I absolutely love my X100, I had the 100s but it was stolen, I believe the x100 takes soulful photos, I like the tones better than the x100s, could be my imagination, I had the Nikon D600 or a while but went back to the little x100 gem, I am in love. But your photos are incredible, is most of your work post or are they mostly jpegs straight out of your camera? Can you please share your settings with me and if you shoot in AP etc. thank you for posting your amazing photos, you certainly have the eye or photography and know how to get the most out of the camera
Budd Riker(non-registered)
I really enjoy your work. I have been a marine (underwater) photographer for many years and only recently trying my hand at street and environmental portrait stuff. I have been looking at hundreds of photographer's work to get a feel and some ideas. Your work really stands above all I have seen so far! Coincidentally, I have just purchased the Fuji X100S for its stealthiness and IQ. Now, lets see if this photographer can do the camera justice!

Thank you for sharing your outstanding work. Inspiring!!!
Al Majauskas(non-registered)
Joe, You are a very talented photographer. I have been shooting for over 30 years and have an x100 as well. You have a wonderful feel for the composition, especially with people which you seem to do most of. Not sure if you are professional but your pictures rank with the best I've seen online for natural, well-composed, unretouched pictures. There are not just snapshots but thoughtful pictures with technical knowhow in camera settings and the art of photography. It takes special courage to shoot pictures of people, strangers, and manage to make each one stand out and reminds me of some of the great photographers featured in magazines. Plus you're a traveller and obviously are interested in people of different cultures and I think you capture the essence nicely. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. Concerning the X100 it is a great quality versatile, camera perfect for candid shots as you have done here. Thank you.
Morten Albek(non-registered)
I was wondering if I should buy the X100. I am in no doubt now about the technical quality and depth of field i.e.. Thanks, - and wonderfull photos!
Willy Greg(non-registered)
wow, I am super impressed
I have been on the fence about this camera and now I think I jumped over and now I running to the store and buying this fantastic camera. ;-)

I love your photos, OMG, they are so cool

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