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195 photos
Photographs with Fuji's XPro 1 Camera.

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Category:Travel and Places
Subcategory:North America
Subcategory Detail:United States of America
Keywords:18mm, 35mm, 60mm, candid, fujifilm, images, manhattan, new york, nyc, photography, photos, pictures, street, x-pro-1

_DSF1795_DSF0062Face in the CrowdBraids and Brawn_DSF0943_DSF2381_DSF2382_DSF1921_DSF2730_DSF2797_DSF2745_DSF2777_DSF2794_DSF2711_DSF2721_DSF2369_DSF2162_DSF2313_DSF1422_DSF3030

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A marvellous set of street pix. You make this camera, and its lenses, shine!
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